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Empowering nonprofits and small businesses since 2005, we bring empathy to technology.

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WebServes Team - 2024
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Women's Health
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Mental Health
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Racial Justice
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Science & Technology

WebServes promotes positive social change with humane technology – real-time advice, conducting assessments, design, implementation, and offering ongoing support. We work diligently to further the causes of nonprofits and social-benefit organizations.

Since 2005, WebServes has been functioning as both an advocate and facilitator who is dedicated to advancing the goals of our client partners. As a distinctive nonprofit digital agency, we specialize in supporting the initiatives of other nonprofits and nurturing the next generation of tech professionals.

Your tax-deductible contributions and support for our programs play a pivotal role in expanding and sustaining the impact of our efforts, contributing to a more positive and humane technological landscape.

New York, NY

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