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Dual Mission

As a social network for giving, we foster positive behavior change and encourage individuals to take action and spread generosity.

As an open API for fundraising, our technology powers a collective research effort to transform fundraising with nonprofit, academic, corporate, and grassroots partners.


A world where every person and organization has the best technology to help them do more good.

Increasing the global giving rate from 2% to 3% of GDP.

BASIC Values

Build impactful products with excellent technology.
Advance communal wisdom and learn from experts.
Support each other and honor our commitments.
Inspire more hope, generosity, and good.
Create connection, respect, and justice for all.


We're a global, fully remote team that wants to help high-impact nonprofits get the unrestricted, recurring funding needed to focus on their work. If you have a passion for helping givers and nonprofits, contact us at [email protected] or join our forum!


Do you have a mission that could benefit from our technology? Let us know what you are doing and how we can help at [email protected].

A nonprofit for nonprofits

Like the organizations we support, we are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit funded by philanthropy with EIN 61-1913297. Our organization structure aligns us with our mission on creating the best service for the givers and nonprofits we support.


Do you have experience helping nonprofits or creating user-friendly, secure products? Share your thoughts at [email protected].

Supported by

To support our work to strengthen the philanthropic ecosystem, you can donate today or contact us at [email protected]. We are looking for values-aligned partners to sustain and grow our impact.
The generosity of Camp.org’s seed grant allowed us to focus on research and development and create the first version of Every.org.

Every.org is also able to run more efficiently thanks to generous in-kind donations from:
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