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Through the power of community fundraising we connect people and nonprofits with an easy to use platform. Spend less time maintaining complicated donation websites and more time building community and tackling humanity’s most pressing challenges.

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I know we keep saying it but we want to say it again: all features are free! No fees or add-on costs. is here to supercharge your organization’s growth and support its fiscal sustainability.

Every donation can become a campaign

At when someone supports your nonprofit they are able to increase their impact by sharing, providing you with a venue to make fundraising even more effortless with the potential to achieve virality.

How can every donation become its own fundraising campaign? After completing the payment process, people have the option to add a comment about why they donated and to share their donation with friends or on social media. Research shows that giving is contagious, and we see that on simply adding a comment increases the chance of someone joining in by over 300%.

We’ll amplify your organization’s visibility with AI-driven asks, encouraging people to build a recurring habit of giving and sharing to multiply their impact.

Putting the social in social good

People are more likely to support nonprofits that other people support. When people share why they give to a nonprofit, this spreads awareness and helps build name recognition without additional work from the nonprofit -- allowing you to use your precious resources to solve other challenges.

Give your donors an entirely new experience has innovated on the traditional match. Our incentive approach outperformed a 1:1 match by 86% more supporters and 97% more dollars raised! Check out the results from a collaboration we did with Tim Ferriss & MAPS.

Partner with to run an incentive campaign. You’ll not only raise more funds for your nonprofit, but your campaign will also benefit others in the nonprofit community.

Here’s how it works:

Ask your biggest supporters to make a donation to your nonprofit on and share why they support you on social media, using the share feature.

In your supporters’ post, they’ll offer their fans/friends/family the opportunity to receive $25 to give to any nonprofit once they’ve donated to you.

The $25 incentive resulted in 86% more supporters and 97% more dollars raised than the traditional 1:1 match offer!

Despite having the choice to give to any nonprofit, 72% of the incentive dollars exercised were directed to the original nonprofit.

Because of the user flow, campaigns result in significant monthly donations, reaping financial benefit far beyond the initial campaign!

To explore partnering, contact us. builds powerful fundraising features so you can focus on your mission.

Most nonprofits don’t have the time or money to run A/B tests, analyze data, and constantly iterate the way for-profits do. At, we are taking this approach to uncover new, effective ways to increase capital flowing to the nonprofit sector. Equipped with these learnings and a unique combination of capital and influence, our goal is to create a movement of generosity and inspire people who might not otherwise give.

Donation processing: Managed for you!

Our donation page & checkout flow has been optimized to increase monthly donations and works across devices and browsers. tracks all donations made to your organization and remits tax receipts to every donor.

You can access all shared donor data via your organization's Admin Dashboard.

With regard to donor contact information: we take donors' privacy seriously so we leave this choice up to each individual donor. Users can choose to donate anonymously or to share their information with you. All donation information and shared donor data are downloadable.

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Check out our FAQs or contact us to chat! We’re excited to partner with you!

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Virtual fundraising

COVID-19 has impacted us on so many levels and it is especially felt within the nonprofit community. Organizations that are needed now more than ever are faced with new challenges of attaining vital revenue that was once obtained through in-person fundraising.

We want to support nonprofits in shifting from in-person to a virtual setting and address these challenges with you. is here to optimize for nonprofit, we have built a free solution that gives you access to fundraising tools and technology that is easy to use (no tech background needed!). Our solution will allow you to easily manage the event, funds and increase prospective donors that you may have never reached before.

While COVID-19 has highlighted a need for virtual fundraising resources, it is not new to the sector. And in recent years there has been an increasing shift of people wanting to participate online. 54% of people worldwide prefer to give online with a credit or debit card.


We want to help you activate in this realm at no cost to you because we believe in a community of giving and in the missions of nonprofits.

What’s included?

Ticketed (+ VIP comped tickets) or free events available to everyone.

Custom email confirmation through

Customizable event page, see example.

Little to no tech management needed, we take care of that.

Live chat and fundraising thermometer during event.

Every donation that’s made during the event builds your presence on, helping new donors find and support your organization.

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With 1M+ nonprofits on, your organization probably already has an profile populated with publicly available data. Use our search tool to find your organization by name or EIN number.

Claiming your profile allows you and your team to easily edit, update, and enrich your nonprofit’s profile at any time. will verify you are part of your organization and approve your access before you are able to publish updates. You’ll also be able to access the Admin Dashboard to view donor and donation data for your nonprofit.

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