Accept cash, crypto, and stock donations with ease.

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Get crypto support without any of the hassle.


Accept stock without having to open a brokerage account.

P2P Fundraisers

Empower your community with peer-to-peer fundraising.

Donate Button

Accept all donation methods directly from your website.

Donor Dashboard

Easily download and store donor information.

Accept crypto donations from your website

With, nonprofits can receive cash and never touch crypto. The organization doesn’t take on any additional regulatory risk, since crypto donations are made to, converted, and then granted in cash - simplifying legal, accounting, and operational burdens.

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No brokerage account? No problem!

We’ll handle the compliance, file paperwork like IRS Form 8282, give your donor a tax deductible receipt, and exchange liquid assets like stocks and mutual funds for you. You just get cash in your account.

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Amplify your mission through your supporters

Givers can now launch their own fundraisers for your nonprofit, rallying other givers in their network to support your cause. We’ve streamlined the process to make it quick and easy to not only create a fundraiser, but to share it out as well.

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Most comprehensive donate button for your website

Allow your donors the choice to donate in a method that’s most convenient for them. With a single button, we support debit or credit cards, bank, PayPal, Venmo, cryptocurrency, DAF, or stock donations.

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Keep donor information for your records

Have access to donor and donation information from your admin dashboard. Download it as a CSV file to keep for your donor records or upload to your CRM.

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Here are some of our benefits

Regulatory compliance

By using as an intermediary 501(c)(3), you reduce your own regulatory risk. automatically provides a tax-deductible receipt for all donations, files IRS Form 8282 for crypto donations, accepts stock/crypto donations through our brokerages, and is registered to solicit donations in all 50 states.

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Lowest possible 3rd party fees

We negotiate the lowest possible nonprofit rate with all our third party payment processors like Coinbase, Stripe, and PayPal. We don’t charge nonprofits any monthly or percentage fees to fundraise on, or to use the donate button on your website. Tips to from donors are 100% optional.

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Built by a nonprofit, supported by tips is a 501(c)(3) with EIN 61-1913297 and our platform is free for nonprofits and givers. Our mission is to build accessible giving infrastructure to help every person and organization use technology for good.

After deciding how much to donate to your organization, people have the option to add an additional small tip to support This ensures our infrastructure stays free and accessible to all.

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Automatic receipting

Donations are made to, and then your nonprofit will receive a grant from on a weekly basis after adding bank deposit information. We instantly send donors tax-deductible receipts on your behalf. You can customize them with whatever thank you message you want.

Monthly giving

Supercharge your organization’s growth with recurring donations. At, we’re constantly A/B testing flows and uncovering new ways to increase capital flowing to the nonprofit sector, especially recurring revenue.

Customer support for your donors

If your donors have any technical questions, they can visit to find answers themselves or open a support ticket and get a reply within 1 business day. This leaves you with more time to build relationships and focus on your mission.

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We’ve accepted over $19,000,000
for more than 3,000 nonprofits

Here’s what some of them have to say

Women's Peace & Humanitarian Fund

“The platform helps us fundraise more for local women peacebuilders and humanitarians on the frontlines, thanks to excellent technology and a responsive support team.”

Ghita El Khyari

Head of the Secretariat at the United Nations WPHF

Giving Multiplier

HARVARD UNIVERSITY has been absolutely essential for our behavioral science research project conducted at Harvard University."

Dr. Lucius Caviola

Researcher at Harvard University and co-creator of Giving Multiplier

FFungi Foundation


“Never had any of this in my 20 years of nonprofit experience, this platform is incredible. Finally one’s not rowing completely alone.”

Giuliana Furci

Mycologist, author, and founder of Fungi Foundation

No End To Love Inc.


"Thank you again for your support. You and your organization made it possible for us to more than double our base contributions. This kind of support means a lot to our very new small nonprofit.”

Margaret Heighton

Founder of No End To Love


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