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To support our work to strengthen the philanthropic ecosystem, you can donate today or contact us at [email protected]. We are looking for values-aligned partners to grow our impact and join our current funders.

In just one year we’ve witnessed the start of a movement.

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“Never had any of this in my 20 years of nonprofit experience, this platform is incredible. Finally one’s not rowing completely alone.”

Giuliana Furci
Founder of FFungi

“ is helping us easily connect with new donors without having to worry about the back end of tax receipting - so we can focus on our mission.”

Roberta Lindal
Partnerships at TKS

“Thrilled to be partnering with to make it easy for anyone to support these outstanding organizations.”

Sam Carter
Research Advisor at Founders Pledge

“Incredible ... great to see how responsive folks were to the $25 credit, and so happy we could support all these other orgs too.”

Merete Christiansen
Development at MAPS

Supercharge your organization’s growth with recurring donations

At, we’re uncovering new ways to increase capital flowing to the nonprofit sector, especially recurring revenue.

Across the nonprofit sector, monthly donors contributed 17% of all online revenue. At, recurring donations from monthly givers made up 45% of total revenue – that’s over 2.5x the amount of predictable, unrestricted funding for worthy causes!

Accept crypto, stock, and DAF donations

Donors are not bound to one type of currency and neither should you. With your supporters can donate with crypto, stocks, and DAF, and we'll exchange those digital donations for you, converting them to money in your account. Learn more

Different ways to donate

Companies like Apple and Google are constantly churning out new technology to make paying as easy and accessible for people as possible. Why can’t it be the same for donations? Donors now have that ability through and you, as the nonprofit, can accept donations from traditional banks and credit cards to Venmo and ApplePay with

Turn your donors into fundraisers

After a donor supports your nonprofit, we encourage them to use social media to ask their friends to join them in supporting you. This multiplies the impact of a single donation by turning it into a campaign, spreading awareness of your mission and growing your donor base.

When your donors start fundraising for you, you will have more time and resources to focus on your mission.

We’ll cover the bank fees for you

We don’t charge any fees for donations or our services – we’re a nonprofit funded by our own donors who believe in our mission.

While the payment and disbursement processors do have their own fees, we encourage donors and nonprofits to connect with their bank because we are able to cover 100% of the bank fees for you, thanks to our generous supporters.

To learn more check out our disbursements page.

Host virtual fundraising events

The recent years have changed the nonprofit sector and we want to ensure that organizations like yours continue to thrive and have the ability to pivot regardless of the circumstances. Whether you switch from in-person fundraising to virtual or have a hybrid of both, can support and help you attain the vital revenue you need to keep your mission going.

Shift from in-person to virtual fundraising events

We can help with a free, easy to use solution. No tech background needed!

COVID-19 has impacted us on so many levels and it is especially felt within the nonprofit community. A recent study found that 83% of nonprofits suffered financially in 2020 with 74.6% of nonprofits having to cancel their in-person fundraising events.

While COVID-19 has highlighted a need for virtual fundraising resources, it is not new to the sector, and will be a valuable tool as we move forward. In recent years there has been an increasing shift of people wanting to participate online. In 2020, online revenue grew by 32% in the nonprofit sector.

What’s included?

  • Ticketed (+ VIP comped tickets) or free events available to everyone.
  • Custom email confirmation through
  • Customizable event page. See example
  • Personal/Customizable data dashboard for data tailored to your organizations needs.
  • Little to no tech management needed, we take care of that.
  • Live chat and fundraising thermometer during event.
  • Every donation that’s made during the event builds your presence on, helping new donors find and support your organization.

Grow your community and double your funding has innovated on the traditional match. Our incentive approach outperformed a 1:1 match by 86% more supporters and 97% more dollars raised! Check out the results from a collaboration we did with Tim Ferriss & MAPS.

Partner with in 2021 to run an incentive campaign and we’ll fund the incentive through the end of 2021.

Here’s how it works:
  • Ask your biggest supporters to make a donation to your nonprofit on, explain why they donated, and share their donation to their community on social platforms.
  • People who sign up and donate through their campaigns will receive $25 in matching credit to share to any nonprofit of their choice. You’ll not only raise more funds for your nonprofit, but your campaign will also benefit others in the nonprofit community (and their campaigns will benefit you). We believe a rising tide lifts all boats and want to increase the giving pie for everyone.

Donation processing, managed for you!

  • Our donation page & checkout flow has been optimized to work across devices and browsers
  • tracks all donations made to your organization and remits tax receipts to every donor
  • You can access all shared donor data via your organization's Admin Dashboard*

* With regard to donor contact information: we take donors' privacy seriously so we leave this choice up to each individual donor. Users can choose to donate anonymously or to share their information with you. All donation information and shared donor data are downloadable.

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Donate button

Nonprofits can seamlessly embed our donate button and instantly gain support for ACH, PayPal, DAF, stock, cryptocurrency, Apple and Google Pay transfers across all devices and browsers. has helped our foundation bounce back from a tough year. Our foundation thrives off hosting events, and due to COVID19 we were unable to host any in 2020. Going into 2021, we were on the verge of rescheduling our 9th Hoop For Hope cancer awareness basketball tournament due to lack of funding.

Through the Every donation matching fundraiser we were able to raise enough funds to now have the event. We can say with confidence that Every, along with our donors, are the reason we are able to continue our impact through this annual event.

Ayokunle Amoo
Founder of Hoop For Hope

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