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Since 2005, WebServes has promoted effective social impact with humane uses of digital technology.

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At WebServes, our greatest reward is derived from empowering our clients’ efforts with the technological tools they need - bringing empathy to technology. We aim to service our clients with the best possible web technologies and digital marketing to benefit the lives of their communities, constituents, and clients. By assisting groups with their causes, and serving the needs of others, we serve those causes. We work diligently to further the causes of nonprofits and social-benefit organizations.

Since 2005, WebServes has been functioning as both an advocate and facilitator who is dedicated to advancing the goals of our client partners. As a distinctive nonprofit digital agency, we specialize in supporting the initiatives of other nonprofits and nurturing the next generation of tech professionals.

New York, NY
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 20-1779667