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The regenerative revolution will be community owned and governed. We explore ethical technologies in regenerative finance.

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We need to reframe collective prosperity, so that it does not rely on a false separation between humans and the biosphere.

If systems we develop to incentivize planetary regeneration are not (at least in part) owned and governed by the people on the front lines of the climate crisis, then we are just going to repeat the same harms of the past. Without community ownership we are not going to make it.


  • As the non-profit arm of the larger Regen Network, the Regen Foundation is in a pivotal role to pilot groundbreaking applied research at the intersection regenerative finance, web3, and climate justice / ethics.

  • We believe the climate revolution will be community owned and governed.

  • We serve bioregional communities integrating ecological, economic, and human well-being with both historic as well as emerging decentralized technologies and concepts.

  • We believe nature has value, and we reject the belief that the only way for the economy to see this value is through harvest, extraction, and total commodification. We believe financial systems based on verifiable proof of planetary regeneration and ecosystem services will revolutionize how the climate justice movement is funded.


1 - We support climate justice initiatives with DAO technologies, and evolve DAO technologies with the insights and legacies of climate justice initiatives. It’s a reciprocal process. Put another way, we incubate regenerative DAOs.

2 - We leverage tools related to blockchain and decentralized ownership to channel resources to land based communities, and anchor their stake in a future economy where value and planetary health are fundamentally aligned.

3 - We don’t solely focus on carbon, rather see it as one of a multitude of forces defining regeneration.


In comparison to traditional climate finance we are doing this from the bottom up in a web3 native approach. That means:

  • Investors are able to verify and quantify the proof of regeneration (nature positive action) and real world impact.
  • The farmers receive funds whose movement is transparent and accountable in every step of the process.
  • Scientists co-own and contribute to a pioneering community-owned science and data commons that enables planetary health to be linked to the farmers and community well-being.
  • All the participants co-own and co-govern the network, the protocols and accounting systems.


  • The organization’s flaghip program, the enDAOment Protocol, ensures that emerging climate finance systems are co-owned and governed by communities on the front lines of climate change.

    • DAOs are organizations which use blockchains and tools for community governance to steward both living ecosystems, and the data they generate. This is part of the broader initiative to equip and support grassroots regenerative orgs with the resources, tools, and community to leverage web3 for regeneration.
  • We resuscitate regenerative finance with emerging technology, ethical standards, and applied research to achieve persistent and verifiable planetary impact which is actually regenerative.

Across diverse initiatives in 5 continents we explore how DAO’s and web3 can support initiatives like:

  • Community Land Trusts
  • Worker Owned Cooperatives
  • Community managed agroforestry
  • Land back to global first nations
  • Artistic research and intervention related ecology, technology, and economy
  • The Rights of Nature and Earth Law for non-human personhood
  • Prosocial facilitation to address legacies of land-based trauma


We think financial systems have the potential to evolve to serve the greater interests of society and the planet. Ecological economics and community owned infrastructure is only getting started. The Regen Foundation harnesses emerging technologies with traditions of socio ecological symbiosis to rewrite what prosperity means in the 21st Century. In the process we bolster existing regenerative initiatives, and inform emerging technologies with those insights.

Northfield, MA
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 82-5457703