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We operate the Psychedelic Peer Support Line. Be the good in a good trip and donate today!

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Fireside Project is a nonprofit on a mission to help people reduce the risks of their psychedelic experiences. We are creating systemic change in the field of psychedelics in the domains of safety, diversity & equitable access.

Why donate to Fireside Project?

  1. We save lives and reduce 911 calls and emergency room visits. Tripping alone and without proper support can be risky. Through our Psychedelic Peer Support Line, we have created a nationwide safety net for people during and after their psychedelic experiences that has substantially decreased 911 calls and hospitalizations and reduced physical and emotional harms while democratizing access to high-quality care.

  2. We are creating a safer, more inclusive psychedelic community. Thanks to our Equity Initiative, 100% of callers who are BIPOC, transgender, and/or military vets can process past psychedelic experiences with a support-line volunteer sharing their identity, After that cohort of volunteers completes their year of service, we're helping them pursue careers in psychedelics through scholarships and paid internships. This will create a diverse pipeline of healers over many generations.

  3. We support people in their healing journeys. In just 16 months, we’ve supported over 6,000 people during and after their psychedelic experiences! Have a look at some of these testimonials!

“Fireside Project was the only place I could turn after a jarring and profound ego death experience. The woman on the phone made it abundantly clear that I could pour out all my thoughts, however nonsensical and strange they may be. But in that confounded state in which the very bedrock or our sense of cognitive ‘normality’ has been warped and destroyed and totally reformed, I felt like I was doing more than simply venting my thoughts. I was heard and accepted by a fellow psychonaut, and instant friend."

“I felt powerless and defeated when I reached out to Fireside but felt empowered by the end of our talks.”

“I immediately felt more safe and comfortable being able to tell someone about what I was experiencing. Tripping alone can be really overwhelming. Even when I think I’m prepared for it, sometimes I still need support.”

“I was coming off an uncomfortable experience and felt like i was about to start spiraling but I feel like my conversation with Fireside Project really turned that around”

Fireside Project is a fiscally sponsored project of Social Good Fund, a California nonprofit corporation and registered 501(c)(3) organization, Tax ID (EIN) 46-1323531.

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