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Social Good Fund is a nonprofit organization focused on education. It is based in Richmond, CA. It received its nonprofit status in 2014.

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Mission Statement:
SocialGood works to create and establish positive influences for individuals, communities, and the environment. Our goal is to sponsor and develop projects that will help positively impact and develop local communities into healthier and happier places to live, work, and be.

The Mission Statement in Action
We hope that through fiscal sponsorship we will give people the opportunity to pursue their dreams and positively impact the lives of others, both directly and indirectly. We want you to manifest your inspiration, hope and spirit in the world for everyone to share in.

Our mission is all about building the world we wish to see, one piece at a time. The more of us who participate, the greater the impact. At SocialGood, we invite you to make your vision, no matter how large or small, a reality for us all.

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Richmond, CA
Mid-sized organization
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