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Earth Friends Incorporated

Earth Friends is an environmental awareness program designed for young children.

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Earth Friends sees a world of stewards who are moving our planet and its people in every direction of good for all beings. We approach learning about our world through positivity, possibility, and play.

The Earth Friends program empowers young children by providing a foundation of education, love, and understanding for our planet and everything it provides us. Children gain a deeper connection to nature, understand their impact on the world around them, and become empowered to make decisions. Educators receive the materials, resources, and support to positivity impact young children, engage their families, and creative positive impact in their communities.

Our values are:

curiosity: We approach our work at Earth Friends with an open and curious mind. When we limit ourselves to what is right and what is wrong and only what has been done before, we are restraining the future creators and innovators who can lead us to a better world. We are here to live in a new way and ready to embrace different ideas.

sustainability: As Earth Friends builds the foundation for the future stewards of our planet, we model behaviors and practices that create positive human impact. Sustainability is at the core of our connection with nature and the understanding of how we impact our world. As we teach young children, we as adult, schools, and centers will walk the talk.

equity: We recognize that not all young children have access to early education resources, and we aim to create a greener and brighter future for every human and being through Earth Friends Outreach. Our lessons, materials, trainings, and supports cannot be specific to any one school or community but will be accessible to all children in their formative years, which is the goal of Earth Friends Outreach.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 93-2962017