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News Decoder is a nonprofit global educational news service for young people. Our mission is to help young people connect the dots to understand complex international issues and become informed, solutions-focused global citizens. We partner with 21 schools in 17 countries around the world to teach journalistic and media literacy skills through storytelling workshops, global webinars, E-Learning courses, podcasts and mentoring from professional journalists. Our programs foster critical thinking, communication, empathy and respect for diversity.


Tackling the multiple, interconnected challenges of the 21st century requires savvy, informed and responsible global citizens.

News Decoder approaches this in a unique way: we use journalism training and news literacy to nurture the skills, knowledge and values that students need to cooperate in resolving the great global challenges of our time, including conflict, poverty, sustainability and climate change.

By supporting young people to think like journalists — interrogating information sources, considering all sides of an argument and examining context and precedent — we help them to become critical-thinking, responsible media consumers and creators.

By deepening their understanding of the news and facilitating interactions with experts, we help them develop a sophisticated, nuanced understanding of the political, economic and social dimensions of global issues.

By fostering international, cross-cultural collaborations between young people, we help to instill universal values, intercultural awareness and respect for both diversity and our common humanity.

These qualities are the foundation of global citizenship. They are also transferable to multiple occupations and help to equip our students for success in whatever career they choose.


As we celebrate our eighth birthday in 2023, please help us support more young people to become engaged global citizens and informed, responsible consumers and producers of media by making a donation.

Our campaign "Stories Without Borders" celebrates News Decoder's special power to promote storytelling that transcends borders and to help young people make connections – physical and intellectual – with people, issues and interests around the world.


By supporting our campaign, you'll help nurture the active, capable global citizens of tomorrow.

News Decoder is the educational services unit of Nouvelles-Découvertes, a registered French nonprofit. News Decoder's global expansion strategy depends on the generosity of our donors. Donations help cover the costs of partnering with schools of limited means and support the development of open access journalistic and media literacy skill-building resources available to all.

Thank you.

Paris, France