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b-present Foundation is a nonprofit focused on ensuring every adolescent and young adult with cancer feels connected and supported

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This holiday season, show gratitude and share the love by launching a fundraiser or making a donation in honor of someone who chose to b-there for you and made a huge difference in your life. Remember the impact it had on you? This is your chance to pay it forward and help others b-there for their loved one dealing with cancer. Because no one should have to face cancer alone. 💪

Here's how your contribution will support the young adult cancer community... 🫶

➡️ $25 donation provides a hospital with supporter roadmaps for 10 patients and their supporters. (Goal: 200 donations at this level)

➡️ $50 donation helps fund one b-there for YA Support Kits (coming in 2023). Each kit includes a Supporter Roadmap, access to our digital resource suite, and practical tools and comfort items that will be distributed to newly diagnosed adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients and their supporters to help them get off to a good start and stay connected. The best part? These kits will be designed by those that have been there. (Goal: 100 donations at this level)

➡️ $100 donation helps ensure that newly diagnosed patients and their supporters receive the help they need throughout treatment and beyond with our recently launched b-there connection and support app. (Goal: 50 donations at this level)

➡️ $500 donation will help support our 2023 Spark Tank Innovation Workshop, where young adult survivors, supporters, researchers, health professionals, and advocates gather to explore the gaps and barriers that contribute to social isolation and poor mental health after cancer and brainstorm solutions that spark improved quality of life and health outcomes for AYAs with cancer. (Goal 10 donations at this level)

Will you Give the Gift of Presence and help us raise $20,000 this holiday season to support the implementation of our programs in hospitals and schools nationwide? With your help, b-present can enable thousands of young adult cancer patients and their supporters across the U.S. to become advocates at home, at school, and in their communities for connections and support.

✨More about b-present✨
The b-present Foundation is a nonprofit inspired by and founded in memory of 20-year-old Kirsten Westerman, who we lost to leukemia in 2016. Our work focuses on improving social support so adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer between the ages of 15-39, and their communities of support, stay connected and are supported throughout treatment and beyond.

b-present approaches this critical work from two angles: preventative and supportive. Creating awareness and providing the support network with tangible tools and guidance to navigate their support experience are vital first steps to preserving and sustaining that important community of support.

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