We research and co-design empowering technologies for and with marginalized communities to dismantle barriers and foster equity.

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We believe that technology can be a powerful tool that empowers previously oppressed communities and facilitates systemic changes, when the communities are directly involved to drive the development and deployment of technology.

As an independent tech non-profit, we are a think and do tank uniquely positioned and committed to form a responsible, long-term relationship with different marginalized communities throughout the lifecycle of the engagement. Building on our engineering and research expertise, as well as lived experiences as members of minority and marginalized communities, we work at the intersection of technology, social justice, and activism. Learn more about the scope of our work at

Our current work centers around stuttering and communication technologies. Our existing research uncovered two major technologies that have introduced additional, structural barriers to people who stutter: video conferencing tools and speech AI.

AImpower is ready to challenge the status quo. We are developing tangible socio-technical solutions to empower people who stutter in technology-mediated communications. AImpower is 100% funded by donations and run by volunteers. Your donations will contribution would fund the research, product, and advocacy work with the stuttering community.

Together, we can create a future where all forms of speech are heard and respected!

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