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    Find a cause you believe in.

    Search for your favorite charity, browse by cause area, or see where and why people give! Or make one crypto donation to fund your Every.org account balance, then support many different nonprofits.

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    Donate crypto in a few clicks.

    Click "Donate" to give Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin and more. Automatically receive a tax receipt — donating appreciated assets can be much more tax efficient.

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    Zero hassle for nonprofits.

    Our exchanges instantly convert your crypto donation to USD a nonprofit can use. They charge a 1% fee and Every.org charges 0. We're a nonprofit that helps nonprofits!

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How it works

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    Every.org uses multiple exchanges to receive cryptocurrency donations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and more.

    For donations worth $5,000 or more in a token not supported on our site, donors can email crypto@every.org to request an address.

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    Every.org instantly sends donors a tax-deductible receipt and handles compliance.

    By accepting crypto and granting out to nonprofits in cash, Every.org saves nonprofits from extra legal, accounting, or administrative work, such as filing IRS Form 8282 — so that nonprofits can focus on the mission.

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    Our exchanges charge a flat 1% fee and will instantly convert the crypto donation to USD.

    Every.org does not charge any fees of our own. For donations worth over $5k, you have the option to email crypto@every.org to arrange for manual exchange and a lower fee (usually .2% - .6%).

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    Finally, we will grant the realized USD value of your crypto to the nonprofit you supported per our disbursement schedule.

  • Go deeper with our FAQ, blog series, or overview video.

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    Fund your account

    Avoid the hassle and network fees from making multiple crypto donations across all the nonprofits you support.

    Make one crypto donation to fund your Every.org account balance, then easily donate that balance to support as many nonprofits as you want!

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    Get a donate crypto link or button

    Want to add a donate crypto button to your nonprofit's website? Or a link for your favorite nonprofit to share on social or email and influence others to give?

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