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Want to add a donate crypto button to your nonprofit's website? Or a link for your favorite nonprofit to share on social or email and influence others to give?

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How it works

  • 1 uses Coinbase to receive cryptocurrency donations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USD Coin.

    For donations in a different cryptocurrency worth $5,000 or more, donors can email to request an address.

  • 2 instantly sends donors a tax-deductible receipt and handles compliance.

    By accepting crypto and granting out to nonprofits in cash, saves nonprofits from extra legal, accounting, or administrative work, such as filing IRS Form 8282 — so that nonprofits can focus on the mission.

  • 3

    Coinbase charges a flat 1% fee and will instantly convert the crypto donation to USD. does not charge any fees of our own. For donations worth $5,000 USD or more, to get the best rates possible (usually 0.1%-0.4%) email to arrange for manual exchange.

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    Finally, we will grant the realized USD value of your crypto to the nonprofit you supported per our disbursement schedule.

  • Go deeper with our FAQ, blog series, or overview video.

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    Once you’re set up, see our media kit for press release, email, and social media templates.