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YTB Cameroon- Youth TimeBanking program in Yaoundé whose members support each other as they contribute to community.

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YTB Cameroon is coordinated by three sisters from Yaoundé. One lives in Maryland and the other two in Cameroon. YTB Cameroon works in partnership with Youth TimeBanking to bring opportunities to members in Yaoundé to participate in Community CALM - projects and activities of reciprocity involving Care-Apps-Learn-Make projects to help develop local sections of communities and build solidarity.

Youth TimeBanking is a practice of service to others based on TimeBanking, which uses time as currency. YTB incorporates values from co-production and aspects of mutual aid, ideas of community currency, and the sharing economy.

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Program of YTB Global, 501(c)(3), EIN 84-3685123

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