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Tai Tanzania (Tai) is an innovative youth-led organization that uses the power of combining data, storytelling, and technology to inspire behavior change among young people based on stories from the community. Our vision is equal access to education for all young people in Tanzania. To do so, Tai focuses on creating environments that will foster adolescents' access to school, since education plays a crucial role in children's and adolescents' future lives. Imagine being able to help more than 10,000 students achieve their goals. Imagine making their dreams a reality . Donate and become a Friend of Tai to make dreams come true . As the fastest growing organization in the field of Social and Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) in Tanzania, we pioneer in creating edutainment content since our founding in 2012. We have sought to create environments that will foster adolescents' access to school, since we believe education has a crucial role in increasing youth participation in addressing social and economic development challenges in Tanzania. We believe that the use of technology is a fast and effortless way to reach more youth in Tanzania and the world at large.
The use of Storytelling through 3D animations is very effective for educating and entertaining. Our human-centred design methodology allows us to effectively to raise awareness on various issues facing the youth and the community . Currently, our projects; Pamoja and Darubini uses this approach to address various issues facing students to have full access to education. Wondering what our beneficiaries had to say about our Darubini Project?
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Your donation will help create more transformational content and help more adolescents in Tanzania fulfill their full potential.

Student from Crown Secondary School, Dar es Salaam Tanzania
To know more about our work click the following link to access our website and social media platforms: https://linktr.ee/taitanzania For questions regarding philanthropy at Tai Tanzania, or inquiries about sponsorships or partnerships, please contact: info@tai.or.tz


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