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Strongest Hearts is so excited to have you here. We founded Strongest Hearts in 2022 after our son’s diagnosis with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy. BMD is an incredibly serious disease that affects the muscle systems of young boys and men. Like the more common and more severe Duchenne’s, it is progressive and life threatening.

Strongest Hearts intends to end that threat. Our non-profit is designed to exclusively work to find a cure or treatment, educate and advocate for this deadly disease. DMD is the number one killer for adolescents in the US and we search to find a solution that will help over 90% of the DMD and BMD community.

Like so many people and families, we have felt fear, anxiety and hopelessness and have received massively conflicting data from doctors and websites. It is time to stop that cycle and move towards a day when we can say that a diagnosis of any muscular dystrophy, while unsettling, is no longer a tragedy. We truly believe that we have the people, the skill and the technology to end this scourge once and for all.

Join us in our fight. Many Hearts, One Mission

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