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Every child deserves access to education. It is a basic human right. Yet in Sub-Saharan Africa, over one fifth of primary school aged children are not in school. That’s just not right.

So They Can is an international NGO on a mission to change this. They work with vulnerable communities and their governments in Kenya and Tanzania to educate and empower children, so they can break the poverty cycle, realise their own potential and meet their own needs.

Over a 7-10 year development cycle, So They Can works closely with a community to understand their needs and implement projects that will best support them. Throughout the cycle, they develop relationships and ensure transfer of knowledge and management skills to these communities to ensure sustainability of the programs. This enables them to eventually shift to a governance role so we can expand our focus and core resources to help other vulnerable communities.

Since being founded in 2008, the DFAT accredited NGO has partnered with 42 schools and helped deliver quality education to over 24,000 students.

Visit find out more about So They Can's projects, the impact they make and how you could get involved.

Upcoming online event

Join So They Can for one hour on Sunday 26th June (San Francisco time) to learn how you can make a real, life-changing difference to a child's life in East Africa.

Meet our Founder, Cassandra Treadwell, to discover how our work began over a decade ago, and the incredible impact we're having together as a global organisation today.

Enjoy a livestream to Kenya and say hello to some of the children our amazing Sponsor and Donor Community empower through education in East Africa. Hear from the students and discover how through our Student Sponsorship Program, their lives and their families' lives have changed for the better.

Who is this event for?

  • People who are interested in joining our community and making a difference through Sponsorship
  • Existing supporters and sponsors who want to feel connected to the impact their support is having in East Africa
  • Individuals and businesses who are new to So They Can and want to learn more about our education and empowerment work

Event times for our supporters around the world...
San Francisco: Sunday 9pm, Sunday 26th June
Australia: 2pm AEST, Monday 27th June
New Zealand 4pm, Monday 27th June
Kenya: 7am, Monday 27th June
London: 5am, Monday 27th June
Singapore: 12pm, Monday 27th June

Sponsorship is life changing, for the student and for the sponsor. We would love for you to walk away with the inspiration and commitment of joining our global community of student sponsors.

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