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The Sisters of St Francis of Tiffin, OH is a 501 c 3 charity established in 1869 serving those in need,

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The Sisters of St. Francis of Tiffin, Ohio is a community rooted in the Gospel and gifted with the charism of St. Francis and St. Clare. Our charism, our Franciscan values of concern for the poor, care of creation, contemplation action and peacemaking keep us responding to the needs of the times, shaping ourselves and shaping our ministries.

Tiffin Franciscans sisters and associates work to support the People of God in rural and urban areas of the U.S. (Ohio and Kentucky) and in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Prayer is a part of each of our lives. Ministry flows out of centering our lives in God and on the Gospel, and then the ministry calls us back to prayer and discernment. We invite you to dig deeper into our charism as you survey our website and social media.

We Tiffin Franciscans invite you to join us in personally deepening these Gospel values and then sharing them with the world. In recent years, we have been focused on personal and communal transformation that is so urgently needed in our world. We invite you to partner with us in walking the way of St. Francis and St. Clare, spreading the joy of the Gospel.

Our values and ministries:

The Sisters of St. Francis, based in Tiffin, Ohio, and our associates are committed to Franciscan values of care for creation, a special love for those who are poor, peacemaking, and a deep contemplative life from which our ministry flows.
These values drive our ministries of elder care, child care, environmental education and community supported agriculture, retreats and spiritual direction in various states. Sisters and associates in 30 ministries serve over 10,000 people each year.

Founded in 1869 by Father Joseph Bihn and Mrs. Elizabeth Schaefer following the Civil War to meet a need for orphan and elder care, the Tiffin Franciscans continue to minister in response to the current needs of the Church and the world. Sisters serve thousands of people, not only on St. Francis Campus but in 32 locations in the United States and Mexico.

The Sisters sponsor St. Francis Spirituality Center, a harbor for prayer, rest and relaxation located on the beautiful St. Francis campus. People come seeking healing, reconciliation and renewal in their lives. The renewal center is open to people of all faiths, serving over 2000 people per year. It sponsors retreat programs and hosts groups that want to meet for activities such as staff retreats and training. This Franciscan retreat center provides a space of peace, where body, mind and spirit can be nourished with prayer, quiet and beauty. St. Francis Spirituality Center’s most recent programs include: 1) a collaborative efforts with hospitals and hospice to provide support for those living with cancer and 2) a collaborative effort with regional police and fire departments and military veterans to provide counseling and support for those suffering from post traumatic stress.

The Franciscan Earth Literacy Center (FELC) is a sponsored ministry of the sisters. FELC, an environmental education center and demonstration program, is designed to promote the appreciation of nature and encourage sustainable living practices for people of all ages, preschool through adult. FELCr and St. Francis farm provide a space for indoor and outdoor learning with “hands-on” activities. FELC serves over 4,000 each year with environmental education classes and camps, on this campus and in regional public, private, and home schools.

Donors who partner with us and volunteers help continue the generous spirit by creating and enhancing programs and services, making a valuable difference in the lives of those we serve. Our partners create the margin of excellence that makes the work of the Sisters of St. Francis possible. We are proud to steward our partners’ gifts, and also their dreams for a better future.

Tiffin, OH
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