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Pure Ocean is an NGO based in France acting at the international level. Pure Ocean mobilizes civil society in order to support ambitious and innovative projects to protect and restore biodiversity and degraded marine ecosystems. The ocean represents 97% of the earth's spaces available to life. A true blue lung of the planet, it produces 50% of the earth's oxygen, more than all forests combined. It absorbs 25% of CO2 emissions. The ocean faces the greatest dangers: climate change, acidification, pollution, destruction of habitats and biodiversity, overfishing, etc. There is an urgent need to act. INNOVATING FOR THE OCEAN Pure Ocean supports innovative applied research projects all over the world.
To better understand, and protect biodiversity and marine ecosystems
To find sustainable solutions to the major threats weakening the ocean
To contribute to human and ocean health
Research projects funded by Pure Ocean are evaluated and selected by the Scientific Committee: 5 international experts specializing in the ocean and related issues. Led by research institutes, universities and/or NGOs, the 15 scientific programs funded by Pure Ocean respond to the major challenges identified by the United Nations as part of the Decade of Ocean Science (2021-2030). A few of our projects, here. UNDERSTANDING AND COMBATING MARINE POLLUTION SPO PLASTIC : studies the reaction of sea sponges to the microplastic pollution in the Mediterranean and assesses their ability to degrade microplastics. MICROPOW : determines the physiological effects of plastic ingestion on seabirds from Lord Howe Island, Australia. PROTECTING & RESTORING ECOSYSTEMS AND BIODIVERSITY REEFS REBORN : creation of a lipid cocktail to boost coral larvae in the Great Barrier Reef MANTA : satellite monitoring of Mozambique manta rays threatened by illegal fishing FLOATING REEF : design and experimentation of a biomimetic mooring buoy to preserve Posidonia seagrass beds IMPROVING OUR GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE OCEAN SYSTEM IDEFIX : studies the nitrogen-fixing organisms fertilizing the Indian Ocean, and the significant carbon capture that takes place there during the monsoons. COASTAL OCEAN WATCH : monitoring the quality of European coastal waters by satellite remote sensing BUILDING RESILIENCE AND ADAPTATION TO CLIMATE CHANGE AND ITS EFFECTS MANGROVE BEEKEEPING : promotes the protection of Caribbean mangroves in Guatemala through the development of beekeeping activities. SHAMA : in the Philippines, bringing together coral biologists and fishermen for the sustainable management of a reef. Your contribution can help us give our oceans the protection they need and deserve!