Organisation pour la Prévention de la Cécité (OPC)

Empower Africans through sustainable access to sight

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Every minute, one child goes blind. OPC is fighting to make that fact obsolete. Organization for the Prevention of Blindness (Organisation pour pour la Prévention de la Cécité in French), or OPC, empowers Francophone Africans through sustainable access to sight . Created in 1978 by dedicated health professionals and philanthropists, OPC builds from four decades of expertise to fight eye diseases and Neglected Tropical Diseases, provide comprehensive eye care, train ophthalmologists and ophthalmic nurses and share best eye care practices. OPC develops programs in collaboration with partner countries and their Ministries of Health, which have ownership of all programs and are responsible for implementation. #FORESIGHT – a new OPC opportunity Building from OPC's belief that no child should be left behind, especially when a simple eye exam and a pair of glasses are the solution, OPC launched #FORESIGHT in 2019. #FORESIGHT is an unique investment opportunity to deliver comprehensive eye care and change the lives of school children and their teachers in some of the world's most neglected communities . OPC implements sustainable school eye health projects in 17 FORESIGHT countries with Ministries of Health & Education and local and international NGO partners. When children complete school, they enter their communities as better equipped adults. Help break the cycle of poverty and contribute to social and economic development, empowering individuals through sustainable access to sight. Your contribution to American Friends of OPC helps empower through sight in Francophone Africa.

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