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Odylia Therapeutics is a nonprofit biotech working to accelerate the development of treatments for people with rare diseases.

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At Odylia, we accelerate therapeutic development for people with rare diseases, changing the way treatments are brought from the lab to the clinic. We strive to bring life altering treatments to people with genetic disease regardless of prevalence or commercial interest.
Odylia is shifting the paradigm to focus on proven science and removing traditional roadblocks. We work to lower costs, reduce development time, focus research, and continuously drive successful programs towards clinical trials and regulatory approval. Strategic collaborations with patient groups, research labs, and commercial partners facilitate our work to ensure treatments are safe, effective, and ultimately reach patients who need them.

Odylia challenges the traditional approach to drug development through:

  1. Lower cost of development
    Lower licensing fees to decrease development costs and ensure continued commitment to program success

  2. Increase speed of development
    Challenge traditional approaches through regulatory engagement

Streamline development through strategic partnerships and a platform approach to drug development

  1. Enable the entire ecosystem Provide expertise through in-house Brydge Solutions and leveraging the Odylia Board

Enable the entire ecosystem through Initiatives that impact the broader field

Atlanta, GA
Small organization
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 82-2120760