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Neuromatch is democratizing science by creating opportunities in education, networking, and scientific communication.

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Science & Technology

Neuromatch enables more people to participate in scientific research by overcoming barriers in the form of education, social networks, and accessibility of science communication.

Specifically, we find innovative new ways to allow collaborative access in these areas by enabling groups of scientists to work together to make these platforms as public goods that can scale up to be used by many.

Our Academy provides live instruction, open source education that is contributed to by hundreds of researchers to provide always affordable education to people around the world. We are active in 15 different countries and teach undergraduate and PhD level science in 20 different languages.

Our Community program creates online-first scientific conferences and community events that focus on human interaction, allowing us to leverage the equitable nature of online work without significant sacrifices in the networking and connection aspect of these events.

The NMDA program provides researchers with real on the job experience in internships, job matching, and career guidance.

Our large buy in to these communities we serve provides us the ability to conquer problems in science dependent on large network effects, such as issues in academic publishing, job matching, and large research collaborations.

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 85-1264716