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An organization that provides emergency support for women in Nepal.

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Koshish Nepal is a self-help organization working toward empowering and mainstreaming individuals with mental health or psychosocial disabilities in Nepal. Koshish programs focus on a rights-based approach, advocating for mental health issues at the national policy level, creating awareness about mental health and psychosocial problems thereby reducing stigma and discrimination, creating community based rehabilitation and support, providing multidisciplinary treatment including residential care for the abandoned especially women victims of gender-based abuse, and incorporating peer support activities. Since its establishment in 2008, Koshish Nepal is striving to transform the lives of abandoned women, victims of domestic violence, and women forced to live in streets Koshish Nepal provides them emergency support and helps in reintegration and rehabilitation into their own family and community. They envision a "mental and psychosocial well-being for all" and their mission is to provide community-based mental health and psychosocial support. They also advocate for improved mental health-related laws and policies, including their implementation.
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