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ISMP increases access to sports and music education for kids in shelters, schools, and underserved communities all over the world.

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ISMP works with some of the most vulnerable individuals in the world. In underserved schools, shelters, and refugee camps, children and their families are facing profound mental and emotional trauma. Beyond a general lack of funding for children’s programs, many individuals we serve also suffer as victims of human trafficking, abuse, and other atrocities.

The positive impact that comes from a child participating in a sport or music activity that they are passionate about is vast and well-documented. Outcomes include the opportunity for kids to have a fun and constructive use of their time, to make friends and be mentored, to learn how to handle the emotions of winning and losing in a safe space, and the positive effects it has on physical and mental health. It also serves as a welcome distraction from the extreme challenges children are facing, and comfort to parents who are not able to provide these opportunities to their children without support.

We are narrowing the resource gap to ensure that kids, particularly those in vulnerable communities, have access to people and activities that will make them feel supported, comfortable, and fulfilled. Through sports and music programs, children can find relief, expression, and joy.

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