International Women Leaders for the World

Donate to support international graduates of Women Leaders for the World. These women create amazing results in the world.

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This is the last year for the International Women Leaders for the World fund at KBFUS.

Our purpose is to identify and resource established women leaders working to transform their communities in developing countries. The fund focuses on graduates of the Women Leaders for the World transformational leadership program. We have supported nine grants of $5,000 since our inception. Here are some highlights:

Destiny Reflection , Kolkata India, built a telehealth center and delivered vital mental health as well as microenterprise education to women living in the red-light district. This allowed women whose livelihoods had been destroyed to earn monies from soap-making and other activities.

Hope Foundation for African Women , Kenya, sensitized hundreds of people about safety measures through in-person community meetings as well as reaching thousands through radio broadcasts.

Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone recruited and trained high schools girls to engage their classmates in overcoming mental health challenges More than 100 girls learned to not only deal individually with these issues but to help others in the community to cope with them.

Malkia Foundation, Uganda, distributed relief materials to hundreds and launched training programs to assist teenage mothers in starting their own businesses.

The grantee organizations worked collaboratively through Zoom calls to discuss solutions to overcome numerous obstacles. Each found that engaging their community members in the design and execution of their projects paid huge dividends.

Thank you for donating to support more of these amazing leaders.

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