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Reinvent surgery of the face and neck

Taste, smell, hearing, sight. 4 out of the 5 senses are exclusively located in the face. When the face is seriously injured as a result of a trauma, malformation or cancer, patients may be unable to chew, breathe, talk, eat, express emotions, as well as communicate and interact with others. Created by professor Devauchelle, worldwide renowned maxillo-facial surgeon who performed the first face transplant in the world, the Insitute Faire Faces is the only research centre in the world exclusively dedicated to research on reconstructive surgery of the face , and education and training on that topic. Its team of 55 scientists lead cross-disciplinary research projects with the goal of improving diagnosis, surgical approaches and rehabilitation. Located in northern France, close to the war fields of WWI where reconstructive surgery of the face was born, the Institute Faire is expanding in 2022 in a brand new center, bringing together under one roof the scientists and state of the art equipment to further boost discoveries. Your donation will help the Institute attract amongst the best researchers and scientists in the field and acquire new technological equipment, giving new hope to patients.


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