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We raise awareness and funding for critical, unknown and underfinanced conservation projects around the 🌍.

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Our vision is a world in which people, animals and nature coexist on a sustainable balance. A future that is worthy of our children and the generations to come. There is no Planet B.

With your donation we can fund and create awareness to conservation projects that are:

• Critical - due to a biodiverse and rich ecosystem, water importance, CO2 relevance or the severity of its threats.

• Unknown - with poor media coverage and lacking of effective safeguards.

• Underfinanced - running budgets that barely allow for the subsistence of the project.

Our current main mission is supporting Upemba National Park in DRC. This is one of the oldest and largest African wilderness at 13.000 KM2 (1.3 M ha) with an outstanding biodiversity that has lived in harmony for millions of years, until now.

The park is facing some critical challenges:

• The DRC Government launched a oil and gas exploration rights auction in August 2022 ( that covers most of the park! Check the "Upemba" block here: This activity would undoubtedly destroy its ecosystem and pollute the waters of the lufira basin ( an internationally recognized wetland and river with endemic species that supply water to most DRC and Africa!

• The DRC Government approved in July 2022 a project for the construction of the Sombwe Dam ( in the park itself. This also constitutes a major threat to the park's ecosystem.

• Predatory poaching, illegal mining and lodging. These activities are carried out by multiple actors that include armed militias, local communities for subsistence and organized mafias from abroad. Their goal is to finance their criminal activities obtaining ivory from the elephants, coltan (that mineral on your phone), Copper, Tin and many other minerals.

• Generalised corruption from the political class further difficult the labor done on the field.

Our plans include:

• Launch and fund regenerative finance (ReFi) communities and projects based on web3 that provide a sustainable income for the stedwards of nature.

• Run awareness campaigns that involve the international, national and local communities and advocate from the top (diplomacy) and the bottom (grassroots movements).

• Run sustainable development projects that allow supporting the local communities that live in poverty.

• Fund to a proper level all the conservation activities that are already taking place.

• Provide a decent income to the hundreds of rangers that protect the park and risk their lives for nature.

For them, for us and for the planet: donate today.

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International Conservation Fund

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