Preserve Ice Memory for Future Generations

Ice Memory Foundation

Preserve the ice memory from endangered glaciers. Create a lasting legacy for future generations in a Sanctuary in Antarctica

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Ice core drilled in Arctic region, a history book of past climate © Riccardo Selvatico - CNR Ice Memory Foundation
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Climate Change
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Science & Technology

A legacy for future generations

Thanks to ice cores, scientists are mapping out how greenhouse gases and temperatures vary over millennia. Understanding the past allows us to plan for the future. This invaluable knowledge guides our political decisions worldwide.

Faced with the irreversible melting of the world’s glaciers, Ice Memory Foundation is on a mission to collect, save and manage ice cores from glaciers in key locations at current risk of degradation, storing them in a dedicated sanctuary where the memories of the planet can be preserved for centuries to come.

Over the next five years, Ice Memory Foundation needs support to scale up the salvage operations - in collaboration with the international community of glaciologists - before it’s too late.

We are confident that one day, scientists will develop new approaches and make new discoveries thanks to this precious ice memory.

We are the last generation who can act.

It’s a responsibility we all share. This why we invite philanthropists who share our ambitions and hopes to support us. A donation to Ice Memory Foundation not only supports ground breaking scientific work, it will also strengthen our pioneering initiative thus opening doors for other salvage endeavors, as well as contribute to raising awareness among the world citizens.


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