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Health & Help assists people in places where it is difficult or impossible to access basic medical care.

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What do we do?

• Provide access to basic medical services and prescriptions.
• Hold educational lectures about health and ways to prevent illness in the
• Prepare volunteers for their time on site at the clinics, as well as help all
employees learn and grow.
• Provide medical students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience
under the guidance of skilled doctors.
• Develop and implement medical programs on a continuous basis.

For whom?
• For unprotected and discriminated groups within the population.
• For those who cannot pay for treatment or buy medications because it is
too expensive or simply not available.
• For socially responsible, generous patrons, both private and corporate.
• For everyone who wants to become better versions of themselves by
helping others.

• In regions with limited resources and developing infrastructure
• In locations where medical care does not exist or is extremely
underdeveloped (lacking sufficient personnel, equipment, medicine).

• About 70 volunteers from all over the world work for the project online. The
clinics have up to 20 medical specialists and volunteers in other professions from different countries working 24/7.
• Many generous people and companies from different countries around the world support the project through financial donations, and by providing medications, equipment, and other supplies.
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 81-3432192

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