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Museum of mathematics in Paris
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In today's society, mathematics plays an increasingly integral role in our daily lives, yet there is a declining interest among young people in pursuing mathematical and scientific studies. However, as our future becomes more reliant on mathematics and computer science, it becomes imperative to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to comprehend these subjects.

The Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), a renowned center for mathematics and theoretical physics located in the heart of Paris on the Curie Campus, has been fostering high-level scientific exchange for nearly a century. More recently, the institute has expanded its efforts to promote and popularize mathematics.

One significant initiative of the IHP is the Maison Poincaré, a large-scale project aimed at attracting new generations to mathematics. Scheduled to open in 2023, the Maison Poincaré aims to democratize mathematics by creating an educational platform and hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions accessible to a wide audience. It is projected to receive approximately 20,000 visitors annually, including 15,000 students, with a significant portion coming from priority education zones.

Spanning 900m², this new exhibition space will elucidate various facets of modern mathematics and their relevance to everyday life, presenting content tailored for young and non-specialist audiences. The exhibits will showcase the diverse applications of mathematics and introduce individuals, both men and women, who work in or utilize mathematics across various scientific disciplines.

Additionally, the Maison Poincaré will feature an innovative mixed-reality experience called Holo-Math. Through a combination of public and private funding, efforts have been united to promote science accessibility and establish a hub for mathematical culture. By supporting the American Friends of Paris House of Math, individuals and companies can contribute to ensuring that the Maison Poincaré remains accessible to all, regardless of geographical or socioeconomic barriers.

Since its creation in 2016, the IHP Endowment Fund has raised approximately 3 million euros, primarily from corporate donors, to support projects at the intersection of science and society, including the Maison Poincaré. These initiatives aim to engage the general public and school audiences through exhibits, seminars, conferences, entertainment, and the restoration of historical mathematical models housed at the IHP.


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