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Frontline Missions, Inc.

We cultivate dynamic partnerships within the global Church to equip followers of Jesus, fueling the spread of the Gospel.

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FMUSA.ORG: Mobilizing The Global Church To Expand The Kingdom By Implementing Creative Solutions
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Housing & Homelessness
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Indigenous Peoples
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Our Mission:
Frontline Missions exists to develop and cultivate dynamic partnerships within the global Church to train and equip followers of Jesus, fueling the spread of the Gospel and empowering mature expressions of Christ-centered faith worldwide.


Instead of arriving at a community with our preconceived notions, Frontline Missions seeks out the community leaders and strategizes to discover root issues and goals that will have the most impact on the community. Through creative solutions such as Bible Storying, leadership training and economic development, entire communities encounter the transformative power of the Gospel. We believe this approach honors the individuals and leaders in the community, builds lasting relationships, and sustains results over generations.

We need you.

Starting in 1997, Frontline Missions embarked on continuing campaigns to take the Gospel to unreached, unengaged people groups, UUPG, around the world. As part of this effort, we joined forces with several partner organizations who travel with us to train Indigenous people. These Indigenous missionaries are learning how to utilize technology to share the Gospel in communities very few can reach.

Whether you want to go on a short term mission to spread the Word, or want to cheer others on from home, we can sow into this historic ministry by providing finances for missionary travel expenses and support for their families while they're gone.

Donate. Shop in our store. ​Adopt a team or sponsor a trip—whatever your heart leads you to do.

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Our Heart:
Alan Winter, the Founder of Frontline Missions, loved to share and listen to stories. He believed in their power to open hearts to the love of God and the power of the Gospel. The culture of storytelling permeates the work of Frontline Missions all over the world, creating a beautiful exchange of sharing and receiving. Frontline Missions uses storytelling in discipleship and evangelism efforts while bearing witness to the work of the Holy Spirit in people’s hearts all around the globe.

Our History:
Frontline Missions develops and cultivates partnerships within the global church to train and equip followers of Jesus to reach the nations for Christ. We do this by tailoring creative solutions to the specific needs of each country, village, and person we encounter. We currently operate in seven countries in Central and South America, helping people in underdeveloped regions with solutions like Bible storying, leadership training, and economic development. This opens the path for self-sustainability and self-transformation through relationship with God.
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