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EducAid runs schools, school improvement programmes, works on gender equality and improves community resilience in Sierra Leone.

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Poverty Alleviation
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EducAid is a UK registered charity (1163161) and Sierra Leone registered NGO that has been working in Sierra Leone for nearly 30 years.

EducAid's vision is a democratic, dignified and globally-engaged Sierra Leone, where poverty is eliminated by educated citizens.

EducAid runs an educational network comprising of free schools, teacher training, and tertiary programmes in Sierra Leone. We provide distinctive, personalised, top-quality, holistic education and support to vulnerable young Sierra Leoneans. EducAid’s success comes from being grassroots and Sierra Leonean-driven. EducAid has spent decades developing relationships and earning the trust of communities. EducAid’s programmes and innovations work because they come from Sierra Leonean staff, students and communities. With in-depth understanding of the specific contexts arising in Sierra Leone, EducAid uses local knowledge, skills, relationships and experience to raise the standard of education for as many children as possible across the country.

The effectiveness of EducAid’s student-centred approach to education is demonstrated by our students, who regularly achieve some of the best exam results in Sierra Leone despite coming from backgrounds which present a multitude of challenges.

EducAid is committed to challenging gender inequalities at all levels. We work to increase the safety, enrolment, retention and achievement of girls and young women in school. We provide equal employment and career development opportunities to women and enable the participation of women in all our activities with local communities.

Please support us in donating and help us to continue providing quality education and working for gender equality in Sierra Leone.

Each donation makes a big difference to support the work of EducAid’s schools, providing free quality education for a child or young person. Donating to EducAid, you are truly supporting a small grassroots charity who is using everything you give to make change happen!

Recurring monthly donations allow EducAid to ensure school budgets align with needs and student numbers to provide support throughout the school year. Please help us to continue providing free quality education for our students in Sierra Leone, and make a real difference in the communities in which we work.

£50 per month fully supports a child in our schools. £100 is a year of school meals for one child.

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