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You’re investing in a brighter future for our planet when you invest your time or resources with the Ecological Servants Project.

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We’re here to build an international culture that is both rich in community and wise in its approach to the environment.

This culture is not drawn on geographical boundaries nor is it mediated through political lines, but instead is directed by the actions of our Ecological Servants; an aspiring group of men, and women driven by their concern for the planet.

We’ve turned our convictions into action through a variety of programs, that range from animal advocacy to environmental justice and education, not to mention our litter clean-up campaigns across California.

We care deeply about the earth and even more-so for her many inhabitants, especially you.

It is our goal to live in harmony with the world around us, as we take steps to conserve our natural assets and to protect the environment.

It is in these steps that we create the change that fuels the future.

This change starts here in our community.
The change begins with you.

Join us today.

El Cajon, CA
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