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The Dojo of Exceptional Wellness (DEWINC®) is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Doral, FL. It received its nonprofit status in 2018.

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The Dojo of Exceptional Wellness, Inc. (, a duly designated 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit and registered Charitable Organization with the State of Florida, improves the quality of life of the Special Needs and General Population communities with our Wellness & Martial Arts (W&MA) programs.

DEWINC®’s Mission is to empower our youth, adult and senior participants promoting a safe, peaceful and welcoming environment for self-expression, inner strength, self empowerment and self-confidence development through the instruction of traditional martial arts. We believe, as we teach martial arts and its benefits become evident first hand, these benefits shall transcend to participants' routines, their family and community relationships, improving their quality of life.

We have serviced dozens of participants in our W&MA Programs, carried under provider agreements, partnering with Miami-Dade County Municipalities already tasked to service these communities and with the ADA compliant spaces that belong to the communities we aim to serve.

DEWINC®’s goal is to offer the W&MA Program for the Special Needs and General Population Communities throughout Miami-Dade County and beyond, in time. The Special Needs population in our area comprises nearly 10% of the total population, according to the Department of Labor and Statistics ( The foundation is governed by a three member Executive Board of Directors.

We believe and understand that a great number of individuals with special needs already receive therapies on a weekly basis. Adding a traditional martial arts, non-fighting, program to their existing regimen of therapies can only assist them in reaching their goals faster. Think about it; when an instructor focuses on YOUR child, sibling, parent or relative’s needs there is no doubt the results are immediate. Focus, concentration, balance, muscle tone, spatial and self awareness, self regulation, core strength, reduced anxiety are just a few of the benefits your child, adult or senior will receive at the right martial arts school, or dojo. Providing repetition of same location, same faces, same class agenda (explore our YouTube video library) and knowing what to expect are all part of the recipe. With continuous structure, discipline and fun exercises, even the individual with multi-sensory issues almost immediately rises to the occasion, peeks to see the other side of the veil.

DEWINC®’s STEP AHEAD W&MA Team courageously participated and proudly brought home ELEVEN (11) GOLD MEDALS from the 2019 Miami Karate Open that took place in Miami, FL on May 25th. Also during Q2 2019, the foundation began operations of a second W&MA Program for the Community at the Legacy Park Community Center in the City of Doral. The Wellness & Martial Arts (W&MA) Program, however, is NOT just a Martial Arts class. We integrate an appropriate number of trained mental health professionals (FL Certified ESE Teachers, Board Certified Behavioral Technicians) in accordance to the applicable ratio of students:teacher (1:6, 1:8, etc.). Our goal is to ensure the proper monitoring, safety and management of the participants’ special needs conditions as they may manifest themselves during the course of the W&MA Program sessions.

During in-person instructions, metrics are developed on each participant to monitor their progress objectively, based on data metrics for Duration, Frequency and Transition. Karate specifically, and martial arts in general, assists kids on the autism spectrum, for instance, with the ability to concentrate and focus their attention in a consistent and highly structured environment. Budo is a philosophy and a way of life that utilizes Martial Arts as a means for continuous self-improvement; a lifelong tool.

Briefly recall Q2 2020. In April 2020, all of our programs were asked to stop activities due to COVID-19. DEWINC® along with the rest of the world was challenged to reassess, realign for an uncertain immediate future. Few were more exposed under these circumstances than those in the Special Needs communities, where services were curtailed, interrupted or abolished.

Our foundation reassessed, realigned and went online, figured out a way to effectively deliver W&MA services to our population. The W&MA Online Program successfully launched during Summer 2020 and provided tools for resiliency, coping, entertainment, exercise, fitness, wellness and overall quality of life improvement for dozens of participants, while the planet was dealing with a kind of crisis not experienced in 100 years. In May 2021, more than a year after mandatory lockdowns and isolation from groups and services, the absence of the expected social dynamics and so much more, seven very courageous participants braved attending the 2021 Miami Open International Karate-do Championship held in Hialeah, FL. This was a USA Karate Federation and World Karate Federation sanctioned event. This was no small challenge to overcome, it was monumental. During the most contentious day of competition, organizers stopped the tournament to allow for the members of DEWINC®’s W&MA Program to demonstrate to the arena. They resoundingly succeeded, garnering seven (7) Gold Medals and positively impressing the more than 430 competitors and additional family members, coaches, referees and judges in attendance at the event.

Today, subject to the latest Government and Health officials guidelines, we are operating all programs in-person and offer online instruction, upon request. DEWINC® counts and depends on the financial support from donations, grants and financial participation from sponsorship or scholarship programs to ensure the access to and the viability of this quality of life improving program for the Special Needs and General Population communities everywhere.


Have a healthy day! I hope to speak with you in the near future. You are encouraged to visit our social media outlets and website or our in-person activities, to discover more about our mission, our enterprise and our programs.

Doral, FL
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 82-3724454