This page provides an overview of the third party fees and timing for donation payments and disbursements to nonprofits. Please see our Terms of Service for full information regarding disbursements and if you have any questions, check out our frequently asked questions.

Third Party Fees does not charge any of our own fees. Instead, after choosing how much to donate, people can add an additional donation supporting and our mission to build accessible giving infrastructure. These tips are completely optional. Below are the third party payment transaction costs charged by our partners as of 09/28/2023. currently covers all transaction costs on donations made with bank accounts. Please note that these may change at any time.

Third PartyFee
Visa / Mastercard2.2% + $0.30
+1% for non-US
+1% for non-US
PayPal1.99% + $0.49
+1.5% for non-US
Venmo1.99% + $0.49
+1.5% for non-US
Apple Pay / Google PayNo additonal fees
Standard card fees apply
Mutual FundsSee First Republic fees
Stocks0% - FREE
Bank0% - FREE

Some nonprofits receive funds through Network for Good which charges a disbursement fee of 2.25% (though currently covers this fee for all donations made with a bank account in the online donation flow). We recommend all nonprofits add their bank information directly or join PayPal Grants to receive funds with zero disbursement fee. Both these options avoid the Network for Good fee, leaving only the above fees.


After a nonprofit claims their profile, they will see information about donations in their Admin Dashboard immediately. If a nonprofit adds bank information, funds will be disbursed weekly as a direct deposit to the organization’s bank account by default, or earlier if requested by the nonprofit.

If a nonprofit has not connected a bank account, we will attempt to disburse funds via PayPal Grants. If an organization is eligible for PayPal Grants because they have registered with PayPal as a valid nonprofit, we will disburse their first donation, regardless of size, within 1 month. Afterward, we encourage them to add direct deposit information for weekly disbursements. If an organization chooses not to provide direct deposit information, funds will continue to be disbursed monthly if the organization has an available balance of $100 or more, or every 6 months for balances under $100. This allows nonprofits to choose the method that works best for them while minimizing the disbursement fees covered by

Finally, if we cannot disburse via direct deposit or PayPal Grants, we aggregate donations from the previous month on the 1st of each month and send them to our disbursement partner, Network for Good (NFG), who sends the payments around the 15th of the month. The donation will reach nonprofits faster if they have direct deposit set up with NFG, otherwise NFG sends checks in the mail.

The minimum for a disbursement through NFG is $10 USD. If we have less than the minimum for a nonprofit, will wait until other donations are made to meet the minimum disbursement amount before disbursing the funds.