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We ignite change at the intersection of art, culture and social justice.

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Racial Justice
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Climate Change
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Gender Equality
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Visual Art

Our Work

The Center for Cultural Power activates and mobilizes artists to envision a world in which cultural, economic, and political power are distributed equitably and where all human beings can live in harmony with nature.

Cultural Power is an artist-centered cultural strategy organization that promotes the artist as a key agent of cultural and narrative change and is committed to building the collective power of artists. Cultural Power centers Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian American Pacific Islander artists; as well as Queer, Trans, Migrant, Undocumented and Disabled artists in our cultural and narrative strategy work.

Through fellowships, training, activations, convenings, design teams, and strategy tables we are co-creating the cultural strategy field and harnessing the power of art and narrative strategy to address issues of migration, climate change, gender/sexuality, and racial justice across the country.

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