NFD Centre for Environment Education Society (CEE)

Committed to promote environment and sustainability education across India.

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Care for the planet and all life forms.
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Climate Change
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Established in 1984, CEE is a pioneering institution in the field of environmental education (EE). Centre is working with a mission to enhance understanding about sustainability and climate change in formal, non-formal and informal education through its work with schools, institutions, reaching out to youth and the general community.

In this direction, CEE develops innovative programmes and educational material and builds capacity in the field of education and communication focusing on environmentally sustainable attitudes, strategies, and technologies. It undertakes demonstration projects that validate the role education can play in sustainable development. It promotes individual and collective positive Handprint actions that are environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially beneficial.

CEE works with local, state, national and international agencies, organizations and governments in India and in various other countries to help create a sustainable future.

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