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An organization focused on human and civil rights. It received its nonprofit status in 2021.

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Our sole focus is to empower Black communities through a holistic approach.
We believe that meeting our people’s core needs will empower them to reach their full potential. We are seeking a change in thought processes. We are fighting for the health of our people.

Our curriculum and community programs will be the foundation that we need to advance ourselves.

In the Black community the leading causes of death are directly correlated to our diets.
Through our activism we have provided people with plant based foods in New York, Atlanta, and Houston. We teach our people the importance eating properly. When presented in a culturally sensitive manner the message is well received.

The vision for Black Opportunities is to give away healthy groceries twice a week in our communities. We will provide healthy packaged dinners for children twice a week. Finally, have a “Black Shabbat Dinner” on Friday Night.

Poverty in childhood and among adults can cause poor mental health through social stresses, stigma and trauma. Equally, mental health problems lead to impoverishment through loss of employment, or fragmentation of social relationships.

With its emphasis on breathing practices, meditation can help calm and ease the mind. Yoga brings mental benefits, such as reduced anxiety and depression. Both practices make the brain work better.

Black Opportunities will provide community yoga three times a week. Meditation and breathing practices will be conducted before every activity that we provide.

Black Opportunities a tool for economic empowerment tool in a variety of ways. We will implement a curriculum that teaches the importance of group economics, resume building, interview skills and entrepreneurship. We will also conduct classes where people can earn professional and vocational certifications. We will bring speakers into the community to motivate and educate.

Most importantly, we are on the verge of a new industrial revolution. It is important that we encourage our people to pursue careers that will survive the automation of the work place. All of the young people in our program will be taught how to code.

We have successfully educated our community about crypto currency and it will be an integral part of our programming. We will be an entry point to the world of digital investing for all generations in our community.

Poverty is the mother of crime. The causes of crime are complex and range from low self esteem, substance abuse, poverty and parental neglect.

By having counselors on staff we will deal with mental health issues and engage in group activities to help people process their emotions.

Poor diet can impact on concentration and learning and may result in increased aggression and violent behavior. Hence, the healthy diets that we provide and promote will decrease crime as well.

Black Opportunities is based on the premise that we have to help ourselves. The solution to the violence in our community has to come from within.

We will hire formerly incarcerated individuals to act as violence interruptors mediating hostile situations in our community. We will also conduct training on deescalation to teach children how to bring peaceful resolution to conflicts amongst their peers. We will also serve as an umbrella to organize other violence interruptor programs and provide them with resources.

In addition, we will have staff and volunteers patrol our communities to help keep the peace and protect people from threats internally and externally. The most important activity that the Peace Officers will engage in is spreading a message of community and love for one another amongst our people.

There is a gleaming difference between mass shootings in Black and White communities.

The gleaming difference is that almost immediately grief counselors and healing mechanisms are deployed in white communities.

We will bring in grief counselors after shootings in our community. We will also bring food to feed people in that community. While the people eat we will deliver messages of unity.

Black Opportunities will also act as a rapid response organization when Black people suffer from damages caused by natural and economic disasters.

Black communities are at the mercy of politicians because they do not know how to organize for themselves. We will change this dynamic by teaching people how to organize for themselves and find solutions to age old problems.

In the last six years we have conducted organizing workshops in schools. The demographics of the students ranged from children in South Bronx elementary schools to adults in Ivy League Graduate schools. The highlight of these interactions was drafting the Andrew Kearse Act with Bronx high school students and having it passed into law only three years latter.

Black Opportunities believes strongly in teaching people to do for themselves as opposed to just doing it for them.

It can be overwhelming to think of teaching all of these elements at the same time. One could ask, “well what is the one core mission?” The answer is simple. Our mission is to empower Black People through education.

We are teaching people how to win as individuals and overcome as a people.

We are integrating our courses in a program that takes 12 weeks to complete. It will be necessary for our participants to earn the right to become a member of Black Opportunities, and completing the curriculum earns a right of passage. Anyone who puts on a shirt with the BLM logo or holds up a sign is a part of the Black Lives Matter Movement. However, we are building people and giving them knowledge to share with their families and communities.

New York City is the epicenter of Black Opportunities, and as we grow, we will expand into different cities. We will perfect this blueprint at home first. After year one we will be in two other states. Within ten years we will have sites all over the country. We will achieve what no other social justice based organization has accomplished previously. We will give our people an education on how to thrive as a community.

Bronx, NY
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 87-1817858

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