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Abby's Joy is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit created to assist families battling DIPG and partner with organizations that do the same.

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At Abby's Joy, our primary focus is our families. DIPG is a devastating diagnosis that statistically has 0% survival rate, although there are some patients defying these numbers. Our organization was born out of the pain and tragedy of DIPG taking our youngest daughter, Abigail Lynn Bramlett (Forever 6), from us on June 25, 2019 after battling this beast for a year. Our pain has been turned into purpose assuring parents, family members, and friends have the right tools and support to walk this challenging road with just a bit of relief. That relief could come in the form of not having to worry about a bill being paid, or having to take off from work to be with your child because they are literally fighting to live. This relief could look like helping to make a dream come true or ease the burden of end of life expenses. We are also available for one on one conversations to talk out any and all of the "it's not fair, scary, this shouldn't be happening" thoughts that inevitably enter the minds of anyone associated with a DIPG diagnosis. We have very lofty goals for this foundation including our website that is an ever evolving entity with newest possible treatments from all over the world, comfort and support measures, step by step instructions/suggestions for different steps of this journey and a place to listen to those of us who have walked this road. We come to the aid of DIPG families selected by our Board of Directors in the form of monthly grants. We are working on information packets to be distributed throughout hospitals for new DIPG families, One goal is to provide connection and distraction for both patients and families through advance communication technology (this is a work in progress). We are working on a YouTube channel that will hold inspirational content or just a place to hear "You're not alone". All of our board members and staff are strictly volunteers. All of our family support comes from generous donors like you! We host multiple fundraisers throughout the year

DIPG is a path no one ever chooses. It is thrust upon us with sometimes little warning and very little time. While modern medicine searches for a cure or even a viable treatment, Abby's Joy is here to help navigate the "til then" moments.

THANK YOU for taking time to hear us.

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