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Your Move envisions a world where people recognize that following Jesus will make their lives better & the world a better place.

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Your Move Collective aims to intersect culture with the teaching of Jesus by placing helpful content and practical next steps where people are and where they expect it least.

Based on a research-backed understanding of the Religiously Unaffiliated population, Your Move Collective orchestrates digital journeys designed to guide individuals from apathy to becoming resolute seekers of Jesus.

For over a decade, we’ve aired Your Move with Andy Stanley--a TV program containing practical, Christ-centered content--on NBC after Saturday Night Live (SNL) and on CBS after The Late Late Show across 37 television markets nationwide. In 2022, over 80 million messages were accessed via these broadcast purchases. Another 10 million messages were accessed through other digital placements. But viewership has never been our end goal.

Our goal is engagement.

Not simply engagement with us. Ultimately, our goal is for religiously unaffiliated people to engage with a local church. Not a small task to say the least. But one we are committed to nonetheless. And thanks to generous donations and support, we are making progress.

Alpharetta, GA
Mid-sized organization
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