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WITU is a for impact company that connects young women from underserved communities to dignified and meaningful employment and economic opportunities. We elevate the social and economic status of young women across Uganda by helping them develop relevant, quality skills for the future of work and linking them to job opportunities , provide them with quality business and vocational skills and linkages to financial services so that they can start and run successful businesses Mission: To empower young women to become innovative technologists & entrepreneurs equally influencing Africa's economy. Through a training institute, women focused on business accelerators, STEM and Vocational education and digital jobs centers. offering tools, resources and opportunities that allow them to thrive. WITU aims at Empowering, Inspiring and Training the next generation of Uganda female leaders, business women and technologists. Our holistic theory of change looks at a girl or young woman's life in a 360 angle, offering Personal development, Leadership, Life skills, Health, Computer Science, entrepreneurship & business skills and job linkages or smart loans. In the long run, this creates a community of exemplary women ready to take on careers in technological fields therefore reducing the gender gap and business women creating strong and growing SMEs. WITU has established itself as an environment to inspire, train, mentor and share ideas for all budding women in technology to realize the vision. We opened the first women focused tech and business hub to support early stage and growing women SMEs.

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