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Wellaccess Inc; Connecting Innovative Health Solutions and Communities of Promise Through Web-based Education and Infrastructure.

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If, as an organization, we had to choose one social determinate of health to accomplish our mission, it would be EDUCATION; and not merely years spent in a classroom, but the outcome of education: knowledge, skills, opportunity, and control over your life, facilitating gender equity and social mobility. Education is at the center of health equity.

Wellaccess’s immediate steps are to ensure that students have the necessary educational technology and individualize learning opportunities required to reach their greatest potential through online tutoring, computer access, and internet service for remote learning and academic enrichment.

We will accomplish our mission by creating collaborative partnerships with local government, for-profit, and non-profit sectors with a shared mission to "Close The Educational Gap; Improving Social Mobility and Health Equity."

“Education is not just good for the individual; it is good for all of us. A more educated society is likely to be a healthier society.” By Sir Michael Marmot

Savannah, GA
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 87-4504258