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Visual Art

we.are.village in Berlin is creating new ways that queer communities can connect, transform and heal. For the last eight years, we have operated a unique space for queer masculinities and femininities, transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, intersex and other gender non-conforming people.

Our goal is to help queer people create and embrace healthier, better connected and purposeful lives. We do this by nourishing individual and collective growth through working with the body, mindfulness, artistic expression, consent and a range of self-empowering tools and strategies. In the process, we tackle loneliness, lack of self-esteem, intimacy and addiction issues, dealing with discrimination and other intersectional challenges that limit and impact queer lives.

We have created a diverse and continuously adapting program of weekly and monthly events, community evenings, weekend trips as well as art exhibitions, performances, salon discussions and offerings via our online platform.

Although it was never our focus, we have become a model for other cities and countries. We regularly host visitors and participants from all over the world and have seen an increase in international interest from individuals, other organizations, activists, artists, politicians or other practitioners wanting to find out more about our innovative model and methodologies.

Please contribute to our fundraiser that will support this international vision through our Queer Bridges Berlin and Village Academy Training programs.

Download the PDF with our vision, goals and summary of our past successes here!

We very much appreciate your time and attention!
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Kai Ehrhardt

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Berlin, Deutschland
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