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Africa's leading open distance learning institution Reclaiming Africa's Intellectual Futures

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Africa's leading open distance learning institution

The University of South Africa Foundation was established to support the University of South Africa (UNISA) which is turning a 151 years old this year. It is Africa's biggest open distance e-learning institution, offering both undergraduate and postgraduate studies across many academic disciplines to close to 400 000 current students.

As one of the leading research institutions on the continent, our research efforts have won us numerous awards, recognitions, and honors. Given our rootedness in South Africa and the African continent, Unisa today can truly claim to be the African university shaping futures in the service of humanity.

Thus far, ten catalytic niche areas have been identified to help in Reclaiming Africa’s Intellectual Futures. These arears are positioned to activate and enhance Unisa’s academic agenda.  These will serve to not only enhance academics' experiences as engaged scholars but also address the needs of our society.

Unisa's 10 Catalytic Niche Areas

·         Marine studies
·         Aviation and aeronautical studies
·         Automotive studies
·         Energy studies
·         Space studies and the Square Kilometre Array
·         Fourth Industrial Revolution and digitalisation
·         Biotechnological studies
·         Health/Pharmaceutical studies
·         Feminist/Womanist/Bosadi theorisations
·         Student support and co-curricular activities

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