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TFH provides the training and resources to create opportunities for the education, growth, and development of the Haitian people.

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Together for Haiti exists to provide a better future for the Haitian people.
We passionately believe that empowering people with the resources and opportunities they need to change their circumstances is the best way to impact individuals and communities. Because of this, we created 4 strategic initiatives which target the most critical areas of community development in Haiti

Spiritual Development: We are leveraging the network of ten churches we have started over the last twenty years. Through this network we are providing training and resources for pastors and churches all across Haiti, to encourage and strengthen their community impact.

Economic Development: We come alongside farmers, families, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to build the economy and infrastructure necessary to see Haiti become a fully self-sustainable country and a global economic participant. Through this network we invest in projects and training that create jobs, provide sustainable income, and promote dignity. We are currently invested in multiple agriculture development projects, focused on increasing both the quantity and quality of food produced. We also launched a Women’s Entrepreneurship Program called Espwa Vivan that is providing training and entrepreneurial coaching for vulnerable women in Haiti.

Educational Development: We support an existing network of four schools serving nearly 2000 children in four underserved communities of Haiti. Through this network we are providing access to quality education, training and empowering teachers, and investing in vocational learning opportunities. Our schools are growing and we are currently expanding and building to meet the ever growing need to for quality education in Haiti.

Physical Development: We collaborate with several US-based partners to meet some of the most basic and immediate needs of the Haitian people. Through this network of partners, we care for the orphan, empower families, invest in clean water, nutrition, and medical care. Currently, we operate two children’s homes, a human trafficking rescue home for children, mobile medical clinics, and a school feeding program. In 2022, we also launched a water well drilling program, providing clean water access to communities in Haiti.

Together for Haiti is leveraging training, expertise, and resources to create meaningful opportunities for the education, growth, and development of the Haitian people.

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