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A promise of hope that makes children's dreams come true.

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ThePromise is a Non-Governmental Organization that helps provide better opportunities in underdeveloped countries. We advocate equal opportunities with no prejudice against varying religions, ethnicities, cultures, and political views.

We also work to help communities build resilience to respond to and overcome crises in the current era of disasters, whether it's climate change, social catastrophe, infectious disease, or war.

Our main pillars of activity are as follows:

  1. Educational Support: Give educational support for children who study in a poor environment, such as construction of schools and libraries and provision of desks and chairs, books and computers.
  2. Drinking Water, Sanitation: Offer hand pumps and wells and install water supply facilities to enable residents to drink clean water. Moreover, help them live a healthy life by building restrooms and conducting hygiene education.
  3. Increase of Income(Social, economic): Build up a sustainable community in that residents who work in economically poor environment are able to become economically self-sufficient, politically autonomous and socially cooperative by establishing a cooperative.
  4. Humanitarian Assistance(Disaster, psychology): Dispatch emergency aid workers for residents who are suffering from disasters to provide food, clothing and shelter, reconstruct schools and conduct psychological support for a disaster, as well as giving a variety of educations to enhance the ability of responding to a disaster as a precaution.
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