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To empower individuals and communities to build stronger, more resilient societies for the future.

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The Global Listening Project (GLP) is a non-profit organisation founded in 2021 by Professor Heidi J. Larson and Professor Pierre Van Damme in Brussels, Belgium. Our mission is to foster social cohesion and mutual trust as essential elements of preparedness for future crises.

Through active listening, dialogue, and the amplification of local voices and insights, and by bridging the gap between decision-makers and communities, we work towards promoting equity and inclusivity in decision-making processes.

At the Global Listening Project, we believe that a society that genuinely listens and responds to its members' voices is better equipped to build resilience. With over a decade of experience in navigating difficult conversations, we prioritise capturing the needs and concerns of marginalised and underrepresented voices. Our platform provides a channel for these valuable insights to inform decision-making in academia, global health, and government at the highest levels.

We establish collaborative partnerships with diverse organisations deeply embedded within their communities. These sustained, long-term relationships grant us critical insight into each community's unique needs and perspectives. Our listening informs decision making for future preparedness, and helps societies to be better prepared to face crises as they emerge.

Our commitment to this vision drives our continuous efforts to create a more just and equitable world.

Brussels, Belgium