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Tegaru Disaster Relief Fund is a nonprofit organization focused on public safety, disaster preparedness and relief. It is based in Katy, TX. It received its nonprofit status in 2019.

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Mission:TDRF works to provide urgent humanitarian relief and development assistance to communities across Tigray.

Vision: TDRF seeks to improve the quality-of-life through health, education and economic relief initiatives for communities across Tigray.

ህይወት ነድሕን፤ ወለዶ ንህነፅ!​

Saving Lives. Inspiring Generations.

Our Beginnings

Tigray Disaster Relief Fund is an international charitable 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The organization was founded in 2018 by a group of young professional diaspora Tigrayans in response to an increase in Tigrayan displacement from various parts of Ethiopia.

We got to work in 2018, providing immediate relief and support to families being uprooted because of ethnic conflict and political violence across different Ethiopian regions.

To be effective, TDRF mobilized efforts to collaborate with stakeholders on the ground in Tigray, while partnering with various organizations, such as the Bureau of Labor and Social Affairs of Tigray (BOLSA) and Keradion Elders Support Association.

Unfortunately, our work has only become more urgent since November 4, 2020.

The people of Tigray have been subjected to every imaginable weapon of war, including rape, famine, looting, and damage. The massive loss of life and grim picture of starving and brutalized residents slowly pouring out of Tigray have devastated TDRF. It's past time for us to step up our efforts. But we can't do it by ourselves. We require strengthened partnerships, as well as other concerned individuals from other walks of life and donors.

Katy, TX
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