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Promote socially cohesive and economically resilient communities in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Promote socially cohesive and economically resilient communities in Africa

The JS Acceleration Fund raises donations for the John Schrooten Foundation. The non-profit goal of the Foundation is to increase the capability to act independently. The Foundation facilitates and promotes good practices around healthy nutrition, sustainable agriculture and related economic activities and entrepreneurship. The goal is more socially cohesive and economically resilient communities. The supported enterprises or projects adhere to a triple P bottom line (people, planet, profit). The Foundation makes sure an enduring impact is made even when support is gradually diminished and eventually stopped.

Our flagship project centers around the reintroduction of the versatile Moringa tree in the Karatu district in rural Northern Tanzania. There we work with schools, women and farmers to improve their lives by providing training and hands-on assistance. This results in better nutrition and farming practices as well as generate income through products derived from Moringa (powder, oil, soap, ...).

Key SDGs:
NUTRITION AND HEALTH (Zero hunger, Good Health) • insight into healthy food • knowledge of, and access to a crop rich in nutrients (Moringa) • general health improvement for children by teaching healthy eating habits
MICRO ENTERPRISE (No poverty) • improved agricultural practices • access to tools and techniques to process products and to store longer • learn how processing products offers added value • setting up micro businesses in family context
WATER MANAGEMENT (Clean water and sanitation, Climate Action) • key condition for meaningful agriculture • combat erosion and drought • access to (clean) water (surface and well)

Visit our website for more info: http://www.jsfoundation.be/about.html

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