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SPIO is building Pacific Islander presence in higher education and professional fields through free digital resources.

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Pacific Islanders remain underrepresented in higher education, professional fields, and in the media today. Often limited in opportunities in their home communities, Pacific Islanders need resources and support to pursue higher education, secure professional positions, and access economic opportunities. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate effect on Pacific Islanders and other communities of color, these resources are more essential than ever to foster a thriving, inclusive Pacific Islander community rooted in cultural heritage.

South Pacific Islander Organization (SPIO) is a 100% volunteer and youth-led nonprofit founded in December 2018 by four Stanford alumni who believe in democratizing Pacific Islander access to higher education and economic opportunities, globally. They came together in response to the lack of cohesive Pacific representation in higher education, professional fields, and in the media.

SPIO's current international Advisory Council and Board of Directors leverage a diversity of expertise across government, corporate, higher education, and nonprofit fields which fuel their inclusive, cross-collaborative, and metrics-driven strategic plan.

SPIO's strength lies in its inclusive vision, international network, community-building capacity, digital reach, and online following. Some of their highlights to date include establishing a 501(c)3 within 6 months of incorporation, reaching over 50,000+ organic international website views in 2 years, and launching 6 digital programs accessible worldwide.

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A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, EIN 83-3380220